Our Approach

Our Approach

We focus on 4 main aspects at Recharge!

Focus 1: Customer Service

EVERY customer is important to us at Recharge Sports and Nutrition!


We understand that customers are the backbone of any business, and we take pride in the fact that Recharge is a Customer Focused business. Without you we are just another business! Recharge extends our gratitude to our customers through loyalty programs, giveaways, rewards and more! We feel that for us to have continued success “YOU” the customer have to ALWAYS be our Top FOCUS!

Focus 2: The Experience

When you leave Recharge we want you to have a memory!


From the moment you walk in to the second you leave we want your to feel that you are in an enjoyable environment. Our highly trained staff is here to assist you to achieve your optimum goals. Whether your stopping by for a smoothie or to pick up supplements. We want you to have an unforgetable experience!

Focus 3: Quality

Only the highest quality smoothies and supplements are sold!


Anyone can make a smoothie, but not anyone can make a Recharge Smoothie. Each and every smoothie made at Recharge is carefully made using fresh fruit and ingredients. We have perfected our smoothies and recipes to bring you an incomparable taste.

Focus 4: Innovation

We are always innovating and improving our business for you!


We are very confident in or team and in our business model. With that said is is imperative that we constantly learn and find ways to better serve “YOU” our customers. The Recharge Team tracks customer engagement and experience, thereby giving us the ability to find ways to make your experience at Recharge that much better.